Are Virtual Events Here to Stay?

The year is 2020 and Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. The event industry has definitely felt the weight of this global pandemic on a number of levels. Here in Toronto for example, In order to flatten the curve, building and event capacity limitations are currently in place to reduce the number of individuals allowed at a gathering. As we all do our part to stay healthy and safe, many planners are being asked to redirect towards virtual events. So are virtual events just a solution for the time being or are they the future of the event industry?

What Is a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are a large spectrum as vast and diverse as in-person events. defines virtual events as “an occurrence of people gathering together where some or all of the attendees are not physically in the same location but are connected in a common environment. The common environment might be one of many types but is usually enabled through the use of computers and the internet.”

While virtual events can range drastically from a virtual tradeshow to a webinar and everything in between I personally am amused by the innovation and capability of this sector of events.

Are Virtual Events Here to Stay?

Well, I can only make an educated guess but Platforms such as Zoom existed long before the Covid-19 pandemic. Although many virtual solutions are arising as the demand for them increases, I think hybrid and virtual events are definitely here to stay. There are tons of benefits to hosting a virtual event. That's the reason webinars were successful pre-COVID.

I personally believe there is a lot of untapped potential in the virtual events space and the planning community is just getting started!

What are your thoughts?

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