How to Stand Out in the Meetings and Events Industry

The meeting and events industry can be a competitive arena. So how do you stand out and make your mark in an industry filled with larger than life personalities?

Let’s take a look at 3 ways you can stand out in this industry.

1. Certifications

Having some accreditation behind your name goes a long way towards your credibility as a competent event professional.

Investing in your education will be beneficial to set yourself apart. Many RFP’s states that CMP and CMM designation is considered an asset. This tells us that employers are looking out for such accreditations and are predisposition to intrust their events to individuals who took the time to obtain such levels of specialization within the industry.

2. Niche

Having a niche within the event planning industry is a great way to stand out from the crowd. A Niche can be likened to a music genre. There are many genres of music and there are many genres of events so to speak. Each Music genres has multiple subgenres. Take rock for example, you have soft rock, punk rock, metal, and rock and roll to name a few. Within Events, let’s say you specialize in Social events: your niche could be weddings, baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, or birthday parties. If you specialize in corporate events, your niche can vary from meetings, conferences, CMES, or Conventions. Furthermore, you can decide to focus on an industry instead of a specific type of event. This can be helpful in expanding your scope of work. For example, you can focus on corporate events of all types within industry such as the food industry, medical industry, or tech industry.

3. Personalize

There is one thing that you have that no one else has or will ever have. You. No one else could ever be you and by bringing yourself to your events you can be sure that it has a personalized touch only you can bring to the table. Be creative in your events and infuse a bit of yourself in everything you do. It may sound corny … but just be yourself!

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